{bee} ‘ape’ italian​
‘μέλισσα’ greek​
‘abeja’ spanish​
{κοντά}Greek beeing together
near you
beeing in proximity


{Digital Coupons}

Managing Digital Coupons

Mobile engagement with mobile coupons gives new and important opportunities for marketers!

Catch your audience

Capture your customer’s attention when they come in to your shop and send them straight away a personalized discount coupon.

Target Audience

Track customers’ movement into your store.

Fidelity Card
  • More leads in a short time
  • Fidelity Card always with your clients by their phone.
  • Sending the Fidelity Card has never been so easy and fast through Social Networks.
  • Immediate loyalty.
  • Monitor your mobile marketing campaign real-time.
  • Improve your sales and business thanks to analytics.
  • View the exact total of scans, validations and claims, daily, weekly and monthly.
  • Find out where your customers claimed their coupons on Google maps.
Beacon & Coupon

Create special offers for your customers, offering what they are looking for! Create promotion your clients needs at a specific moment for an engaging shopping experience.

POS Integration

You can integrate our Beekond Digital Coupon directly on your POS system.

Coupon Distribution

We can send Digital Coupon in one click! Distribute them through marketing channels (email, sms, WIFi, social networks).


Tap into millions of iOS and Android users who now use Apple Wallet and Google Wallet systems to manage their digital offers.


We can create custom mobile coupon vouchers template, integrated with all social media channels.


beeKOND platform provides a set of powerful APIs that enable enterprises and retail customers to leverage their Wi-Fi network data through customized applications and networking integrations.

This results in new insights, reduced cost, increased revenue and improved user experiences for our customers and their employees.

Beekond uses APIs for its monitoring, location and identity services.

{What you can do}


Collect statistics, including devices not connected to the Wi-Fi network but simply with the Wi-Fi radio on.


How many devices pass within range of Wi-Fi network.


How many Wi-Fi devices remained within range of Wi-Fi network for a certain period (users stopped by, for example, to watch a window).


Compared to devices that remained in a specific point, how many entered inside the structure.

New Clients

How many Wi-Fi devices are "new entrance".


How many Wi-Fi devices are returned in the selected time period.


You can generate in total autonomy the comparison report by period and by different locations.


Detecting the presence of Wi-Fi devices in a specific area by their location or to trigger alarms.

{ Video Surveillance }

We're able to give you 2 futher integrations:

Visitors counting and heat maps creation to track customers’ movement.

Statistics through car access analytics. Nationality.


Tracking the movement of a mobile device within an area gives you the opportunity to:

Create the right itinerary for your customer

Create heat maps

Interact with IOT devices

{Proximity Marketing}

"The right content,

to the right place,

at the right time!"

{Beacon & Wi-Fi} Custom App

Beacon is a small wireless device that transmits radio signals using Bluetooth technology

By using integrated beacon in the AP250 or our beacons together with our CMS we can offer the best experience to our customer like never before.

We can create push notifications and interactions, offering what our customers are looking for HERE and NOW!

Some examples?

Special offer

Get a 30% discount on our homemade sandwich if you're having a drink right now!

Make an order from your Smartphone

Tired of waiting for the waiter? Order the food you've chosen from the menu list directly from your smartphone!

Promo of the day

from 2 pm to 4 pm nobody comes into your store? Create a special promo to get more clients in that particular time slot!

Custom {App}

Your content SELF SERVICE! Create, add, modify content without technical skills.

All you need is a device connected!

{ Social login }

It’s possible to track our customers using our social login integrated into the APP.

We're{simply}THE BEST!

beeKOND is The ONLY AeroHive INTEGRATED PLATFORM with the following services:

Marketing & security analitycs
Analytics for video surveillance
Customer interactions
Proximity marketing
CMS for custom APP
IOT interactions
External connectors for home automation
Beacon & Wi-Fi hardware
BeeKond logo

{ Bee connected! }

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